Acute Problems

You or your child can be seen the same day when the need arises! Call 327-4867

Annual Physicals

Health maintenance, preventive medicine, cancer screening, cholesterol screening, CDL / DOT physicals, etc

Chronic Problems

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.


Our own Dr.s Payne and Hakes provide this screening for colon cancer. It is currently recommended for anyone 50 or older, or for younger people that have a family history of colon cancer


Biopsies and minor surgeries for suspicious lesions, cryotherapy, laceration repair, acne treatment, wart removal etc.


We take care of the full range of medical issues in older adults. We can arrange home health services when needed. Our own Dr. Burns provides nursing home care at all the local facilities

Womens Health

All of our providers are skilled in womens health, but we also have three female providers for those that prefer one: Mary Jane Gallahan, Karassa Yeomans, and Michelle Hagen

Well Child Check-ups

Including immunizations

Airborne allergy testing & immunotherapy treatment

We are now partnering with United Allergy Services to provide skin testing for allergies as well as immunotherapy treatment (allergy shots) planning, administration of the allergy shots in our office, and instruction on how patients can give themselves the allergy shots to themselves at home

Hospital Care

Should the need arise for your child to be hospitalized, we will continue care for him or her at San Juan Regional medical Center

Lab and X-Ray

Save yourself a trip to the hospital! We do most Labs and basic X-ray studies right here! All of our X-rays are also reviewed by high quality board certified radiologists.


Casting and splinting of simple fractures, sprains, and sports injuries. Joint, tendon, and bursa injections

Overseas Immunizations

Typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalovirus, etc., as well as medicines for malaria prevention

Sports Physicals

Pre-participation exams for athletics, camps, and other activities


This extremely effective permanent sterilization procedure for men is performed here in our clinic