What do I need to bring to my first visit? Subsequent visits?

It is helpful if you bring:
  1. A list of all of the current prescription medications (including dosages) as well as any over-the-counter medications that you take
  2. Your known food/medication allergies
  3. Contact information for your most recent medical provider(s)
  4. Information regarding any known family history of medical problems
  5. Your health insurance card

Is there any paperwork that can be accessed online, printed out and filled out prior to coming in for the first visit?

Yes. You will find such forms here, including: medical history form, release of information forms, and various other related forms.

NOTE: It is not mandatory that you have these forms completed upon arrival; however, this may facilitate a more efficient experience for you.

How are my records transferred from my previous doctor's office?

All you need to do is complete and sign the release of information form, including the contact information for the previous medical office (preferably a fax number)

Who is my primary care provider (PCP)?

Your PCP is simply the provider whom YOU choose to be your regular provider. Your PCP will be the provider that you will see routinely, develop an ongoing patient-provider relationship with, the provider who will be most knowledgable about your medical history, and the provider who will typically help you coordinate your care over time.

NOTE: Please see the NEWS section for more information about our PCP model.

What is the role of the doctor-on-call (DOC)?

There is a doctor-on-call (DOC) available every day to provide back-up for your PCP if he or she is unavailable and you need something done urgently.

What is the role of a physician assistant / nurse practitioner in my care?

A physician assistant (PA) or a nurse practitioner (NP) may work in conjunction with your primary physician. Our PAs and our NP can provide the same services that your physician provides. Each of our PAs/NP are supervised by a physician.

NOTE: Please see the NEWS section of this website for more detailed information about physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs).

How do I request refills on my medications?

This is typcially done during your routine office visits. It is common practice for many of our providers to provide a specific amount of refills which coincides with the recommended follow up plan. Thus, if you are in need of refills it may be time for your follow-up office visit. Refill requests can also be initiated at your pharmacy or by calling our office and asking for your PCP's medical assistant. Please allow 72 hours for your refill request to be processed.

Who manages my care at the hospital if I need to be hospitalized?

Newborn infants and children who are established with our practice are typically admitted by either your primary care provider or the doctor-on-call.

Adults who require admission to the hospital are typically cared for in the hospital by a team of doctors called hospitalists. Hospitalist specialize in caring for hospitalized patients. At San Juan Regional Medical Center, the hospitalist team is called the Inpatient Medical Service (IMS). The IMS team is based in the hospital and thus are available 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week. This makes the IMS team very effective at responding quickly if that is needed. The IMS team communicates regularly with your PCP to ensure that excellent and personalized care is provided at all times.

NOTE: Please see the NEWS section for more information about our team approach to your hospital care.

What types of concerns are appropriate for the Saturday morning walk-in clinic?

The Saturday morning clinic is a walk-in only service for our established patients only that is typically available on Saturday from 9:00AM to 11:30AM. It is a first-come first-served clinic that is intended to be for acute and focused office visits only (such as minor acute illness or injury). The doctor on call for the weekend and/or one of our PAs/our NP staff this clinic. Appointments are not made in advance for the Saturday morning walk-in clinic.

NOTE: Our lab and x-ray services are not available during the Saturday morning clinic.

How do I make an appointment with the FFP allergy testing/treatment clinic?

If you are interested in making an appointment for allergy testing, please make an appointment with your PCP. Your PCP will evaluate your allergies and, if appropriate, they will initiate a referral to our allergy clinic for testing. Treatment with immunotherapy is also provided in our allergy clinic if appropriate. Allergy testing must be performed prior to starting treatment.

NOTE: Please see the NEWS section for more information about our allergy clinic.